What's This?

About Great Dane Graphics

Originally based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Great Dane Graphics was started by Dane Clement in 1991.

Over the years it has grown in size and capability into one of the digital and screen printing industries best known art departments. With a staff highly knowledgeable in both graphic design and garment printing, we can create, illustrate and separate exciting full color images perfect for use in a variety of industries.

In August, 2005 Great Dane Graphics was turned upside down by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. However we persevered and managed to keep things going. At that time Dane also took a position with SPSI in Minnesota which gave him the benefit of becoming more knowledgeable in the direct-to-garment printing industry. He has now returned home, and through his seminars and training materials which he has produced, he continues to spread his knowledge of artwork and artwork preparation for the screen printing and digital printing industries.

From the beginning Great Dane Graphics has created countless numbers of custom designs for customers over the years. However with the growing need for high quality designs at an affordable price, we have changed our focus from custom designs to creating a line of royalty free stock art that anyone can use. Our line of beautiful, full-color designs has grown over the years and continues to grow giving customers - big or small - an easy and affordable way to create high-quality, full-color designs for their clients.