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Free Raster Stock Art Sample

Interested in our images, but not sure what you'll get when you order?

Well, try one for FREE!

When you download our free sample you'll see exactly what you get when you order one of our designs.

You'll receive a full color, layered, high-resolution Photoshop file, along with a PDF format printing spec sheet which contains all the information needed to screen print the design.

Download your sample now to get a feel for how you can use our designs for digital or screen printing. We're sure you'll be back for more!

Raster Stock Art

Included Formats:

  • Screen Printing – DCS 2.0 EPS
  • Digital Printing – PNG
  • Print/Cut – CorelDRAW® & EPS
  • Textile Transfers – PNG
  • Vector Clip Art – Illustrator® & EPS

Separated into categories like Animals, Mascots, and Occupations, each production-ready, royalty-free image is provided in full color raster and vector versions and includes a detailed printing spec sheet. Each 4 DVD collection includes a book showing each image, plus instructions for importing the files into a variety of graphics programs.

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