How To Use Great Dane Graphics – Vinyl Cutter

Great Dane Graphics gives you affordable access to an extensive library of production-ready, customizable, and royalty-free art to support your business.

Advantages of Great Dane Graphics With a Vinyl Cutter

  • Cut lines have proper line and gap thickness to make cutting and weeding easier
  • Images are designed for less pulls
  • Lines are complete, never overlapping or too thin

Instructions For Use

  1. Open Cut Driver Software
  2. Import image
  3. Mirror image
  4. Send to cutter


  • Add text through the customizer, CorelDRAW or CadworxLIVE.
  • CDR file to add text or other elements in CorelDraw
  • EPS file for use directly in your cut driver software or for editing in Illustrator
  • PDF file for use in CadworxLIVE

Download a free piece of art and see how easy to use Great Dane Graphics’ is for vinyl cutting.

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B-0823 American Eagle Fashion Item #: B-0823
Name: American Eagle Fashion