T-Shirt Artwork Simplified for Adobe® or Corel® Software

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T-Shirt Artwork Simplified is a training book written for all levels of artists and T-shirt printers. It offers a real-world approach, designed to take your artwork to the next level and help you beat the competition. The book covers the most common problems and questions brought up by artists.

Beginners will find this book a fast and easy way to learn essential items in CorelDRAW® and Corel PHOTO-PAINT™ or Adobe Photoshop® and Illustrator® software programs.

Experienced artists can gain time-saving tricks and methods.

Learn About:

  • Design basics
  • Art room equipment
  • Managing the art process
  • Vector vs. raster artwork
  • Working with photos
  • Separating artwork for screen printing

Each training book includes a CD-ROM with tutorial movies and sample artwork.

Updated for CorelDRAW and Corel Photo-Paint X5 and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 software users.

This book assumes that you own and have a basic understanding of CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTO-PAINT or Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator software. The step-by-step lessons are designed for you to follow along, even with a limited knowledge of these programs.


After placing an order for T-shirt Artwork Simplified Digital Edition, you'll receive an email with a link to download the PDF. There are no returns or refunds for the digital book. 

29.00 – 59.00